About The Film:

Legend of The God Print Still
Burnsey roams the Rub Al-Khali Desert

Ever heard the term, "The writing is on the wall?" The term comes from a story in the Biblical book of Daniel, where the hand of God appears to the last king of Babylon and writes a warning into the stone palace wall. Three days later the king was murdered and Babylon fell, and God’s people were freed. Legend of The God Print begins when a piece of that palace wall is discovered, and preserved in that stone for the last two thousand years is a fingerprint, the fingerprint of God. Could there be a match? What would that mean?

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About The Film Makers:

Gabriel Dohrn

Gabriel M. Dohrn is the owner/founder of Avavision Media, where he directs, films, and edits television programs/commercials and short films. Gabriel’s life-long passion for film and story telling began at an early age and has been honed for the past 15 years as he took on passion projects to cultivate his skills, and corporate projects to pay the bills. Gabriel has worked with Oakley Sunglasses, the U.S. Embassy, Wrangler Jeans, Ludicris (via Goreela Productions), PBR association, Justin Boots, EXCA, Ride Smart with Craig Cameron, and the Wynkoop Brewing Co. Those projects paid the bills, but to work on his skills, Gabriel has made many short films. Combined with basic knowledge he learned from college, these films allowed him to fully craft his style, and find his niche in the independent film market.


Kenneth Anderson, who does not normally refer to himself in the third person, is a New York based film and visual effects director, and co-director of Legend of The God Print. When not directing short film and video experiments, he spends his time creating eccentric websites and taking courses at The New School in Manhattan. You can follow his exploits and view his other projects online at www.andersonenvy.com

Devin Sena

Devin Sena is an aspiring artist who enjoys using several different mediums. He studied photography and painting for a brief time at Metro State University of Denver before taking a recess to travel and learn from those working in the field. This is his first large project working with video and actors of any caliber. He has worked on small projects for local news and also has done free lance work in the area of photography. Truth be told, Devin loves everything about the process of photography from lighting to staging the scene and directing models. To really capture a scene in time or an emotion or just creating something to inspire a response is a great pleasure that is fun to share with others. He had a great time working in different areas with this film and can not wait to work on other projects with this group again.

Andra Dohrn

Andra Dohrn is excited to see Legend of the God Print come so far since she has been working on this film from it’s beginning, bouncing around ideas with Kenneth, Gabriel, and Devin. Andra works with Gabriel in Television and Photography, ensuring smooth collaboration between all the different personalities involved. She loves seeing an idea come together, and is very excited for the future of this project!

Danielle Mondragon

Danielle Mondragon is pleased to work with the entire cast and crew of Legend of the God Print. Having received her BFA in performance from the University of Colorado, she comes from an acting background. However, taking time out of the grind to pick up a camera and travel the world, it has been a pleasant experience and shift in perspective to work on this movie from the other side in production. She looks forward to continuing her working relationship with all of the creative and talented cast and crew in the future.

About The Cast:

Kevin Sean Ryan

Kevin Sean Ryan lives in Denver, CO where he works as an actor and musician. He has appeared in several feature films in Colorado and is excited to be part of Legend of the God Print. A skilled guitarist and singer, Kevin feels he can make a positive impact on the world through acting and music. In his spare time he enjoys spending time with his German Shepherd Esko and cat Petey.
His website is www.kevinseanryan.com

David William Murray Fisher

Born in Nova Scotia, Canada, David William Murray Fisher moved to Colorado at a young age. His first acting roles were being a mime at his grandparents church, and a fairy in Midsummer Nights Dream. He did, however, place second in the Optimist Oratory Contest in eighth grade and still claims he should have placed first. But none of this deterred him, and other than taking some time off for family, he has done extensive acting work in Colorado, Nebraska, and Los Angeles.
When he is not acting, you can find him hanging with his wife and two daughters. He also spends time at the gym, gazing through a telescope, writing (he just finished his first novel), sketching, and finding ways to save the planet.
His website is: www.davidwmfisher.wordpress.com

Kaye Taavialma

Kaye Taavialma's acting mission statement is "to create emotional resonance in others by bringing transparency to the human condition." Although she has been acting, in one way or another, from the age of six, Kaye's love for fim acting really developed in the past few years. She has participated in close to ten films, six of which have been Colorado based. She is constantly searching for her next project and loves to engage with pieces that challenge perceptions and paridigms. Please feel free to reach her at ktaavialma@gmail.com if you are interested in seeing some of her work, make basic inquiries, or give her a head's up about an audition on the horizion.

Arthur Pierce

Arthur Pierce is a native of Iowa. He discovered his love of theatre late in his high school career and solidified that passion by majoring in speech and theatre in college. Since then he has enjoyed taking part in many community theatre productions in Minnesota and Colorado. Arthur is also a founding member of the Equinox Theatre Company in Denver which is nearing its second year of existence.
Arthur has also found great pleasure in teaching theatre at the high school level in both Colorado and Thailand.
This is Arthur's first experience with film work. It has been a blast and left him wanting to explore this facet of the performing arts. Thanks to the crew and actors of this project for this outstanding experience. May it come to fruition.

John Bonificac

John Bonificac, who plays Eli, is orginally from Hell's Kitchen in NYC. Moving to Astoria, Queens as a young man gave him the fresh realization that he didn't have to fight every day of his life to survive. Johnny B. is now pursuing acting in the Denver area. On first impression, people may think he's rough around the edges, but he's actually a kind-hearted, warm and respective performer. For more info, check out his acting slate on FaceBook here.

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